5 Cute Chinese Songs

These 5 cute Chinese songs are all adorable with beautiful lyrics and great vocals. They are fun to listen to and, if you know Chinese, to sing along to. These are all perfect songs to consider if you're looking for cute Chinese songs.

  1. Alex Fong & Stephy Tang, "To Appreciate Love": This song is perfect with its fusion of male and female vocals. The soft singing and delicate instruments make the song almost adorable, making it a wonderful love song. The video to this Chinese song is also lovely, with cute romance clips throughout the entire video.
  2. Suho, "Monday through Sunday": This song starts quite slow and picks up the pace and the song progresses with a delicate techno beat. Suho's voice stays soft throughout, giving the song a generally cute tone. With such a cute melody, it is no doubt that this song has gained such popularity.
  3. Vincy Chan, "Feelings": This song has beautiful romantic lyrics matched by a beautiful voice. The soft female vocals contribute to the soft, slow beats to make this song one of the cutest songs ever. It is not surprising that this song gained Vincy Chan so much attention and praise.
  4. Small Town Story: A popular Chinese folk song, this is clearly one of the cutest in existence. The background music is adorable and slow. The lyrics talk about a great small town with wonderful people and plentiful harvest. With such traditional lyrics, the song is truly cute – particularly when sung by young children.
  5. Fiona Fung, "Forever Friends": Sung in English by Chinese singer Fiona Fung, this song tells a heartwarming story of close friendship. The singer has a beautiful soft voice – a perfect match for adorable lyrics. The singer does a great job making this one of the cutest Chinese songs that anyone would find themselves playing over and over.
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