5 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

If you have been spending a lot of time with a certain girl and are not sure how to take things to the next level then it is time to use one of the 5 cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. It is pointless hanging out with a girl if you never express your feelings because she will assume that you are not interested if you never make a move. Cute ways to ask a girl out allow guys to be funny and clever and in the process avoid some of the shyness that comes with just being frank. The following 5 tips are sure-fire winners when it comes to turning that friend into a girlfriend.

  1. Ask her to be your girlfriend by writing her and poem that pops the question. There were millions of people who lived in the 17th century and 99 percent of them are entirely forgotten about today but one man we do remember is Shakespeare. William Shakespeare made a name for himself by writing love sonnets and that is why he is still revered today. You may not be Shakespeare but you know that poems historically have had huge results so write one and use it as a tool to ask the big question.  
  2. Show up at her house with flowers. Most guys shy away from flowers these days because they seem corny or old school but showing up with flowers ranks as one of the 5 cutest ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Try to find out what flowers she likes. If you have no idea then buy some and tell her that they match her hair or eyes or dress. Get fragrant flowers so while she is savoring the scent you can quickly blurt out your big question. 
  3. Send her a postcard. OK it might seem weird to send a postcard when you are not on vacation but send one with a local monument on it. Write a message that says "Wish you were here" which will get her thinking then leave a space and write "…as my girlfriend." This is a cute and original way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend and she will be so thrilled that she will skip all the way to your house. 
  4. Buy her an over-sized stuffed animal. Have an over-sized stuffed animal delivered to her. Find a massive bunny or a cuddly bear and preferably get one that you can have her name printed on. Attach a card to the bear and say "I can't bear being without you any longer. Please be my girlfriend"  This gift will both surprise and delight her and the clever use of a pun is always a cute when asking a girl to be your girlfriend.
  5. Give her a formal invitation for a dinner date. Book a table at a local restaurant that she likes. Make a really expensive looking formal invitation and address it to her. State in the invitation that you request her attendance at the restaurant for the purpose of becoming your new girlfriend. Do not forget to to RSVP because you must ensure she doesn't have a conflicting engagement that night. 
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