5 Cute Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number

Are you looking for five cute ways to ask a girl for her number? If so you have come to the right place for ways to improve your chances of getting her number. Girls like a guy who is creative when asking for her number. Making her smile and laugh will surely get her number. A good pick up line is a great way to obtain a date but it is also a good way to break the ice and get a girls phone number. Listed below you will find five cute ways to ask a girl for her number. Read on to see if you want to use these ways to get that number.

  1. I am new in town. It does not matter if you are new in town or not. Simply state, "I am new in town can I have your number?" The girl will most likely be intrigued and give you her number. Later you can explain it was a pickup line to get her phone number and hope she laughs it off. Most girls will be so flattered that they will think the fib is cute and continue having a conversation with you.
  2. Continue conversation. If you have been talking or just chatting for a few minutes when you say goodbye ask for her number. You could tell her that you enjoyed this conversation and would like to continue talking over the phone. At that point ask her for her number.
  3. Be yourself. Let her know you are interested in her by striking up a conversation. If she tells you to get lost you will know you do not have a chance at getting that girls number. If however she has a conversation ask her for her number.
  4. Hand the girl your number. If you see a girl you like walk up to her and hand her your number. If she is interested she will give you her number in return. This also helps to break the ice between the two.
  5. Grab a dozen roses. Be cute by buying a dozen roses and attach a card asking for her number. Walk right up to her and hand the roses to her. When she reads the card you might just get that phone number.

These five cute ways to ask a girl for her number should get you as many phone numbers as you like. Just figure out which ones work best for you and go with it.

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