5 Cute Ways Of Asking For A Date Online

If you've recently met an attractive woman over the internet or in person, and simply talk to her a lot online, you may be wondering about 5 cute ways of asking for a date online. Asking online can take off some of the pressure and anxiety of asking in person, for both you and her. It'll also make it more likely that she'll say yes instead of panicking at being put on the spot and saying no without considering it first. Asking for a date in a cute way will show you really care and lets you show off your more sensitive side.

  1. Create an e-card. A plethora of websites exist to create cute, funny or witty e-cards to ask the hottie you're crushing on for a date online. Choosing the right card and the personalized message shows you put real thought into asking her out, but it's just casual enough that she won't feel put on the spot. Using an e-card to ask for a date online wins points for creativeness, where as simply asking in a regular e-mail or chat conversation may come across as too upfront, especially if it's someone you've just met.
  2. Ask during an online game together. If you met playing an online game, be it an RPG or simply a multi-player game of poker, sending a private message the next time the two of you are playing together is a cute way of asking for a date online. Start out a friendly conversation and then use the infamous, "So I was thinking…" line to lead into the date invite. It breaks the ice and your chances are higher of getting a yes since you two already have a hobby in common.
  3. Email a picture puzzle. Remember those puzzles in school where words represent sounds and you have to figure out what phrase the pictures and letters are spelling? Those are called Rebus puzzles, and you can create one to ask your favorite female friend for a date by copying and pasting pictures into a photo editing program. Not only will it set you apart from any other guys going the traditional, boring routes when asking her out, but it also shows you think she's intelligent. If she can't figure the puzzle out, tell her what is says. Shorter phrases work best, such as "Will You Go On a Date with Me?" spelled out with a picture of a will, the letter "U," the phrase "go on a" written out, a picture of a date fruit, and then a picture of yourself.
  4. Start a witty conversation. If you want to ask her for a date online in a chat message so you can hear her answer right away, come up with a witty message to make her laugh. Don't go overboard by using rude or crude humor. Stick with something sweet and funny. Try asking, "Hey, remember the date we had last week?" She'll be confused and say no or say you never went on a date, to which you can respond, "You're right! Would you like to go on one?" Adding a smiley emoticon is also a big plus.
  5. Send a message through a site you both visit. Whether you're avid Twitter users or big fans of Facebook, sending a message through the site gives it a more personal touch than a standard email. Try leaving a gift on her Facebook page as well, but make sure the actual date request is private. No need to let the world know about it until she says yes. Then you can shout it from the rooftops that your cute way of asking for a date online was successful.
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