5 Cyber Sex Sites

Cyber sex has become incredibly popular through the years, but legitimate websites for that purpose can be hard to find, so here are 5 cyber sex sites you can enjoy. The explosion of internet culture has come the explosion of cyber sex. What used to be a "taboo" indulgence is becoming more accepted. Cyber sex has been known to become incredibly addictive. As with any vice, moderation is key.

  1. Babblesex.com Babblesex.com requires you to sign up as a member of their site, but the process is free of charge. The site is set up much like that of some popular social networking sites. The page displays a thumbnail photo of members, along with a short blurb by the member, often describing what they're interested in as far as their sexual preferences.
  2. Xmatch.com Xmatch.com requires you to sign up for a membership, but signing up is free. When "cyber sex sites" is entered into your favorite search engine, this site consistently shows up in the results, often as a sponsored link.
  3. Cybersexchat.org Cybersexchat.org bills itself as an "adult content" social networking site. A user makes a profile where he/she can upload photos and set up a profile, much like traditional social networking sites. There are several chatrooms available and you don't have to be a member to use that chatroom, but the site prefers if you do, so other members can check out your pictures and send you private messages if they wish. Registration is free and apparently takes less than a minute.
  4. Passion.com/cyber_sex Passion.com is another site that is free to join. The website is a singles site, but they do have adult content chatrooms available for members.
  5. Chooseachat.com Chooseachat.com is a website is a site that caters to adults. They offer singles chat, dating and a variety of chatrooms, including several rooms that are adult content-based. The website is based out of the UK, but it is available for anyone to use. Registration with the site is free of charge.
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