5 Dangerous Bathroom Cleaning Products

Here are 5 dangerous bathroom cleaning products that you should be aware of. These products can be hazardous to you, your family and your pet, so be aware and keep them contained.

  1. Chlorine. Chlorine is found in bleach, which is found in bathroom cleaners such as those used to clean your toilet bowl and shower, as well as in all-purpose cleaners. Chlorine is the number one cause of poisoning in children.
  2. Bleach. This cleaning product is used in almost everything. Sometimes it is used in its pure form to kill mold and mildew in showers and bathtubs. Check your bathroom cleaning supplies and chances are that all of your products contain bleach. This chemical can be potentially fatal if ingested.
  3. Ammonia. Ammonia can be fatal if swallowed. Ammonia can be found in toilet cleaners, window cleaners, drain cleaners and all purpose bathroom cleaners. Ammonia is a popular ingredient in bathroom cleaners because it is effective and inexpensive.
  4. Phenol. Phenol is found in common household detergents such as Lysol, Spic-n-Span and Pine-Sol. This chemical can damage a person's respiratory system and can be fatal if ingested.
  5. Hydrochloric acid. This is an acid that removes hard water and iron deposits. Hydrochloric acid can be found in toilet bowl cleaners. It is corrosive and can cause eye and skin irritation.

When you use bathroom cleaning products that contain any of these chemicals, make sure you use the proper precautions. Be sure to use gloves or a face mask for strong fumes. And always keep dangerous bathroom cleaning products out of reach from children and pets.



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