5 Dark Rum Cocktails

These five dark rum cocktails are quite popular, even if not as popular as light rum cocktails. Dark rum adds distinct flavors to dark rum cocktails since dark rum has the addition of spices and often a strong molasses or caramel overtone. These dark rum cocktails are delicious drinks for any occasion, and the other liquids in the drink are complimented by the rich dark rum flavor.

You will need: 

  • dark rum
  • various ingredients like: curacao, cola, sour mix, pineapple and triple sec
  1. Mai Tai – A Mai Tai is a very popular dark rum cocktail that mixes dark rum with light rum. To make a Mai Tai, you shake together equal parts orange curacao, lime juice and orgeat syrup with two parts light rum in a shaker filled with ice. Then, you pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice, top with two parts dark rum, and garnish with a cherry.
  2. Long Island Iced Tea – Although a Long Island Iced Tea can be made with dark or light rum, dark rum adds additional flavors that compliment the cocktail greatly. To make a Long Island Iced Tea, add approximately equal parts dark rum, vodka, gin and triple sec, along with cola and sour mix to taste, into a Collins glass filled with ice. Shake or stir the Long Island Iced Tea and garnish this dark rum cocktail with a lemon.
  3. Bum Juice – This cheap to create beverage is a tasty choice if you're low on cash, hence the name. To make a bum juice cocktail, you can mix together a single drink or enough for a gathering. To make a Bum Juice dark rum cocktail, mix together one part dark rum with two to three parts orange soda, or to make enough for a gathering, mix a 750 mL bottle of dark rum with three liters of orange soda.
  4. Morning After – Although any morning after beverages may not always seem appealing, this one will surely do the trick! To make a Morning After dark rum cocktail, mix together equal parts dark rum, strawberry milkshake, and iced tea – enjoy!
  5. Pineapple Crush – A Pineapple Crush is a very delicious dark rum cocktail, great for warm summer nights. To make a Pineapple Crush, blend together equal parts dark rum and dry gin with a nectarine and three slices of pineapple, along with some ice. Then, pour the finished dark rum cocktail into a tall glass and enjoy!
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