5 Dating Anniversary Ideas

Looking for 5 dating anniversary ideas? Coming up with dating anniversary ideas can seem like a challenge. Yet, with a little creativity and attention to detail, you can easily create a memorable anniversary for you and your girlfriend.

  1. Return to where it all began. Go back to that restaurant you dined at on your first date and relive that special memory together. If it's not possible to return to the exact location, recreate part of that first date, such as renting the movie you saw on your first date.
  2. Surprise her. Has it been a while since you and your girlfriend have been able to get away together, or maybe you never have? Planning a getaway for the two of you, even if it's just for a weekend in a nice hotel in the nearest major city, is a romantic, spontaneous anniversary idea. Make all of the plans ahead of time so that it can be a fun anniversary surprise for your girlfriend.
  3. Think outside the box. Special dating anniversary ideas don't have to conform to any particular standard or protocol. Is there an activity your girlfriend has mentioned that she'd like to try someday, but hasn't had the chance yet, such as a hot air balloon ride? Or maybe your girlfriend talks about an activity she used to enjoy, but just hasn't had the time for it recently, such as horseback riding. Ideas such as these, though perhaps atypical, can be a memorable dating anniversary idea.
  4. Show her how much you value your relationship. This can involve anything from a piece of jewelry with both of your birthstones in it to a framed picture of the two of you with an engraved message from you. Great anniversary ideas show your girlfriend how important your relationship is to you.
  5. Make it personal. An ideal dating anniversary idea is tailored to your girlfriend. For example, don't just buy her a bouquet of roses because you assume that all women love roses. Roses are great, but for a special occasion like this, an even better anniversary idea would be to find out your girlfriend's favorite flower, if you don't know it already, and go out of your way to get those for her.
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