5 Debate Drinking Games

One popular debate drinking game in 2008, Comedy Central's, The Presidential Debate Drinking Game, required players to take a shot of grain alcohol whenever John McCain said "friends," and everytime a candidate mentioned September 11. The fun of a good debate drinking game is that with each new election cycle comes new politicians with quirky personalities and oft-repeated catchphrases that require a shot to the noggin.

  1. The Sarah Palin Drinking Game: One candidate you can expect to see participating in political debates in the near future is Sarah Palin. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in an interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, Palin said Gibson's name 18 times. Numb your brain by taking a shot every time Palin says the name of her adversary or the debate moderator.
  2. The Mike Huckabee Drinking Game:Rumor has it that Mike Huckabee is a republican front runner for the 2012 presidential race. One fan of Huckabee developed the Huckabee Drinking Game. Whenever your favorite guitar-player preacher invokes the word of God, take a drink.
  3. The Network Drinking Game:Why leave your favorite news anchors and pundits out of the fun? If you rely on Fox News to expound on the incompetencies of the dems during the latest debate, take a shot whenever a Fox talking head says something unflattering about democrats. If you watch MSNBC, or another mainstream outlet, drink up when they say something negative about the republican side.
  4. Barack Obama Drinking Game: One guy you can expect to see back on the debate circuit for the 2012 elections is President Barack Obama. Fortunately, there's no shortage of Obama catch phrases. Take a shot when Obama says "let me be clear," "make no mistake," and "change isn't easy." If you're out of work, take two shots whenever Obama mentions "jobs" or "healthcare" if you don't have health insurance.
  5. Local Politics Drinking Game:If you’re just a run-of-the-mill political wonk, why wait until 2012 for the next big election to get your debate-drinking game on? During the next round of local debates, take a drink when any candidate says “change.” Take two shots when a candidate blames Obama for the recession or three drinks when a candidate blames the Bush administration. 



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