5 Debit Card Fraud Protection Tips

To avoid money disappearing from your bank account, follow these 5 debit card fraud protection tips. Most people never see it coming, but it happens; money simply slips away undetected until it's too late. In the last ten years debit card fraud can be found in the news as much as modern day robberies. Protecting yourself against debit card fraud is all about protecting personal information, choosing the right avenue to take in a financial purchase and remaining in tune with the latest debit card fraud schemes. Take the advice of these five debit card fraud protection tips and you are one step closer to protecting your bank account and your identity.

Things you'll need:

  • Internet Access
  • Pen and Paper
  1. Personal Invitation to Fraud. Never offer any personal information to friends, which includes a debit card number and especially the three-digit security code on the back of the card. That would be a debit card thief invitation. Do not invite anyone to your account.  No matter what another person suggests or requests, do not give another person your debit card information unless he/she can be trusted. As many people know, friends may not be the best candidate to share bank information.
  2. Purchasing with Debit Card. Purchasing a product that requires a debit card can be avoided by simply paying cash, whether online or off. Where there are legit businesses, there are physical addresses and phone numbers. Never do business with a company that does not offer a physical address and phone number. Remember, some phone numbers are fake, so check the number out by calling first leads to smart shopping and can make all the difference in avoiding debit card fraud.
  3. Debit Card Fraud by Phone. Never give out debit card information should someone call and request it. The bank will not call asking for your information. If they do, it's smart to call the local branch to verify. You may be surprised to find that banks do not call requesting that information.
  4. Mail Protection. Whether online or off, never pass debit card information to another person, especially through mail. Not only can a third party find the golden opportunity to suck an account dry, banishing all your hard-earned money, but they can also be the headache of a lifetime when the account must be closed and reopened (should it get to that point).
  5. Latest Debit Card Fraud Scams. Consumer Reports are reports by consumers that are experienced in different areas of set backs, including debit card fraud.  Consumer Reports also usually comes out with the latest scams the public needs to watch out for. How do you find Consumer Reports? Write down any useful new scams to watch out for after skimming information online, including the website where you found your information. You can also use a search engine and type in "latest debit card fraud scams" to educate yourself on the latest of tricks.
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