5 Deck Design Ideas For Men

Whether you want a manly deck design that allows you to barbecue and entertain outdoors, or you want a simple platform for your hot tub, learn about 5 deck design ideas for men. Decks can range in size from a one story patio design to an elaborate outdoor room. Decks can also be made from rustic wood or snapped together parquet. Here are 5 deck designs for men that will help you get started.

  1. Railed Deck Design. You can add a railing around your manly deck, which displays your personal style. You can choose from an aluminum style railing or traditional wood. You can also install a stainless steel railing if you have kids who like to hang on the rails or an elderly person who needs railing to be accessible. Adding a railing to your deck design can also enable you to add more options to your deck design, like lighting.
  2. Storage deck design. In designing your deck, you might find it useful to allow some space underneath. This space can be a small storage area for things like extra lawn furniture or tools. The space could also be large enough to serve as a "balcony" in inclement weather.
  3. Wood Alternative Deck Designs. Aluminum, stainless steel or composite deck designs will give you an alternative to natural wood decks. You might find an aluminum deck design more appealing if you live in an area where the risk of fire is high. You might find a composite style decking to be your favorite deck design i or if you don't want to worry about repainting the natural wood or if you plan on having a hot tub. Composite decking design won't rot.
  4. Wood Parquet Patterned Decks. If you have a smaller deck area, you might consider a manly and modern textured wood. Wood parquet patterned decks are ideal for an urban balcony setting. Wood parquet is smooth texture, much like a basketball court. Bamboo can also be made into a parquet style as well.
  5. Multi-level deck design. A multi-level deck design has many options. You can create a multi-leveled patio or you could create an entire outdoor living space. You could make one level for cooking and another level for relaxing. You could create an entrance to the deck from the second story of your house, or you could make the deck accessible only through the backyard. There are endless possibilities with multi-leveled deck designs.
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