5 Deep Questions To Ask A Girl

Learn these 5 deep questions to ask a girl if you want her to take you seriously. Girls think boys are childish, immature and not capable of having a deep conversation, that your mind is focus just on one thing (sex). Even though your thoughts may be focused more on a physical connection than a mental one, show her you do have deep thoughts, questions and ideas that you would like to express to her.

  1. If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be? She has something hidden in her past, whether it was scary, sad or hurtful. If she could change, it she would and you are just curious to know what that is. This girl may be in deep thought before she responds to this question.

  2. If someone made a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be and why? Tell the girl she can pick whatever genre she likes: horror, comedy, thriller, drama or suspense and any other genres you didn’t mention. This is a deep question that she might want to think about before answering.

  3. A stranger with a rare blood type, same as yours, needs an emergency blood transfusion. Would you donate your blood? This girl may have a kind, caring heart, but it usually takes a certain kind of person to do such a selfless act of trying to save someone else life.

  4. What's the happiest moment in your life so far? You don’t want the questions you ask this girl to be to grim and depressing. You are trying to have a deep conversation with a girl, but you want things to remain upbeat. You don’t want to make the girl you are talking with sad.

  5. If you were totally broke and found $5,000 in a envelope, what would you do? This is one dilemma that may have her considering keeping the money. Just paint the picture of her being broke, hungry or on the verge of being homeless and she finds a envelope with $5,000 and a business card. Would she contact the person on that card or would she keep the money for herself to get out of hot water?

These are some deep question to ask a girl and before you know it, it will become just another habit of asking deep and interesting questions. If you are going to ask a girl deep questions, expect her to ask you some deep questions of her own in return.

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