5 Design Ideas For Bathroom For Men

Learn these 5 design ideas for bathroom for men. Men are not always the best at decorating, and if you are bringing girls back to your place it is essential to have a clean, nicely decorated bathroom. Here are five simple design ideas for men's bathrooms to spruce up your sprucing area.

  1. Choose a masculine color scheme. A color palette will define the theme and style for your bathroom, while giving it a finished and polished look. Try mixing a slate gray with chocolate brown and a touch of blue for a modern, masculine look. If you are a little more classic and simple, a palette of white and navy is clean and sharp.
  2. Get containers to organize your stuff. Nothing makes a bathroom look more like a dorm room than your crap all over the place. Pick up some sleek looking containers in chrome or dark wood to hold your products and bathroom bits, and sort your products by use. Pick up a shower caddy if you have limited space in your shower – clean surfaces compliment your overall design.
  3. Add a piece of artwork or a mirror to extra wall space for a stylish accent. It doesn’t have to be flowers, but you could hang a cool vintage poster or a photo of your favorite city. Choose a frame that compliments your color palette or your containers. For example, if you picked a dark wood toothbrush holder go with a dark wood frame.
  4. Try a funky shower curtain to add some life and personality. Stay away from too funky, that will just undo everything you did in terms of design, but you can pick up unique shower curtains with stripes, color blocking, polka dots or even metallic materials. An interesting shower curtain that compliments your color palette can change the entire design dynamic of your bathroom.
  5. Hide your extra toilet paper. This one is key, and the difference between you doing your bathroom and an interior designer doing your bathroom. Nobody wants to see your extra toilet paper in a ripped, open plastic package sitting in the corner, so put it away. Pick up an interesting container to hold two rolls and set it next to your toilet, then put your extras under the sink or in a utility closet. This step will give your bathroom that refined, finishing touch.  
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