5 Dice Drinking Games

When you are drinking and all you have are a set of dice, you may be interested in these 5 dice drinking games. Dice and card games are the most popular when drinking but often times you only have one or the other available. When you only have dice available, there are some fun drinking games that you can play. Please remember when playing these dice drinking games do not drink and drive. Depending on your body weight even one drink can be detrimental to you or others on the road.

  1. Inviter. The Inviter only requires one die to play. Each person rolls the die and their play depends on the number. For a 1 the thrower would take a drink. For a 2 or 5 the thrower passes the die to the next player. For a 3 the player on the right takes a drink. For a 4 the person on the left takes a drink. For a 6 the thrower would invite any player they choose to take a drink.

  2. Sixes. Choose 6 glasses of various sizes. They can be the same size but different sizes make it more interesting. Line up the glasses in a row. Each player will roll a single die. When the die is rolled match the number with the corresponding glass. If the glass has beer in it drink until empty and roll again. If the glass is empty fill it with as little or as much beer as you want and pass the die to the next player.

  3. Ace chase. For ace chase you need four or more people, 2 cups, and a dice. Start giving two people sitting opposite a cup with a die in it. Roll doe out of the cup. If you get a 1 pass to the left. If you get 2 or 3, roll again. If you get a 4 the person on your left gets a drink. For a 5 the person on the right gets a drink. Or a 6 take a drink for yourself.

  4. Split the difference. This is generally a two player game but can be played more multiple people. You start using two dice. The players with the dice roll. The person with the lower number will subtract their die amount from the other and will take that many drinks. For example, player A rolls a 6 and player B rolls a 2. Player B would then take 4 drinks. If doubles are rolled each player drinks the amount of their die.

  5. Tower of sixes. Make a tower of the following drinks in this order from bottom to top. Place coasters between each drink. One the bottom start with a 12oz beer, glass of white wine, tall mixed drink, small mixed drink, and finally a shot of schnapps. Take turns rolling the die. The first person to roll a 6 will drink the shot, the second will remove the coaster, and so on down the line until the tower is gone and you can start again.   

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