5 Different Types Of Women To Date

While every woman is different, there are generally 5 different types of women to date. You may encounter several that seem to fit into the same category without knowing it. Take a look at these five different types of women to date:

  1. The Ambitious Business Woman. If you start dating the ambitious business woman type, you will definitely know by her perfectly pressed power suits and umbilical cord connecting her to her laptop. An upside of dating an ambitious woman is knowing she won’t rely on you for everything.
  2. The Aspiring Wife & Mother. The aspiring wife and mother is all to happy to help you with everything and take care of your cleaning and laundry. She drops hints about how much she loves children and talks about your future together. Upside? At least you know she’s in it for the long-haul.
  3. The Rebel. You were probably attracted to the rebel type in the first place because of her tattoos, piercings and anti-establishment attitude. She will probably take you for a rockin’ ride of all night parties and crazy sex.
  4. The Organic Neo-Hippie. The organic neo-hippie type is healthy and earth-conscious without the dirty. She smells like freshness instead of sandalwood, but still heads to Burning Man every August. You may get her to commit, but you will live in constant fear of her desire to live on a commune.
  5. The Proverbial Bachelorette. The proverbial bachelorette type is always dressed to the nines, knows the hottest parties and gets into every club without waiting. She will probably tell you not to fall in love with her, because she’s not looking for anything serious. Sadly, you will probably do it anyway because she is so hot.
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