5 Different Ways To Have Sex

Whether you are married or in a new relationship, sex is an important part of connecting to a partner, and learning 5 different ways to have sex can help your sex life stay exciting and interesting. Finding different ways to have sex can help you to become a more adept lover, and help you impress your partner in the bedroom as well. Add spice to your sex life with 5 different ways to have sex.  

  1. The CAT. Put a twist on the missionary position by laying your partner on their back and instead of having her spread her legs, have her press them closer together and help you enter her in this position. This creates a tight fit and allows for increased friction that can lead to greater sexual stimulation. Keep your pelvis in alignment, or a little higher than your partner and try to move very closely together to stimulate the clitoris and nerves in the pelvic region. This position is called the coital alignment technique or CAT.
  2. The Spoon. Perform the spoon move for one of your 5 different ways to have sex. Position your partner in front of you and conform your body to her back and legs. Pull her top leg up and rest it on your top leg, then enter from behind. Reach around to the front to play with the clitoris during penetration for ultimate sexual stimulation.
  3. Doggie Style. Include doggie style into your sexual repertoire. Position her on her hands and knees with her legs spread into a v-shape. Get on your knees or stand behind her at a height where penetration is possible. This allows you access to her neck, back and other kissable areas while you are performing this one of these different ways to have sex.
  4. Standing Up. One different way to have sex is to perform standing up. For a full frontal position, place your partner against a wall and hold one or both legs up while you penetrate from the front. If your partner has one leg on the floor she will be able to move more easily. This works best when you are similar in height.
  5. Seated Sex. Sex while seated is one different ways to have sex. This allows the female partner to be on top in a position in which she can grind and move. Sit in a chair that is narrow enough to allow her to place her feet on the floor, or wide enough so she can seat her knees comfortably, and then position her on top of you. Hold her butt to guide her movements for ultimate pleasure.

These different ways to have sex will help you to add spice to your sex life and heighten your sexual pleasure both in and out of the bedroom. Trying different sexual moves will likely make you a better lover and make your overall sex life more satisfactory to both you and your partner.

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