5 Dining Room Design Ideas For Men

Dining room design ideas for men should stem from key pieces in the home. The ideas that men should come up with should be based upon the space they are working with, the home they are living in and their location. Dining rooms can often clash with the rest of the home. However, depending on the design, the dining room can only complement the rest of the house.

  1. Sleek and modern In this day and age, the modern look is the way to go. By doing so, you can choose extremely efficient pieces that are simple. The table should be basic with a sleek design. The textures should consist of metallics and whites with very few splashes of color.
  2. A little bit country If the space you are living in has an old world charm to it, it would be best not to work against that. Instead, embrace the idea of having a dining room designed around country chic. This doesn't mean ugly lace window treatments and horrible furniture. Try re-purposing an old table and cabinets. You can update them a bit by applying different finishes and adding some modern accent pieces.
  3. Art opulence. Art is an easy way to make any room seem larger than life. Go out and try to find a piece that really stands out to you. From there, design the dining room based upon that piece. Try using similar colors throughout the dining room and make sure the lighting highlights the art work as well as the dining room.
  4. Tech whiz A dining room is a great place to showcase food technology and gadgets. A great design idea for a tech-savvy dining room would be to have one wall made up of a large mirror with some counter space. Place the gadgets on the counter and place some track lighting above each piece. The mirrored wall will reflect the pieces and bring more attention to them.
  5. Theme to a "T" Sometimes it can be fun to just go all out with dining room designs. The room is like a blank canvas begging to be played with. A great idea would be to find a wall mural and have that be the deciding factor in the design of the dining room. For instance, there are wall murals of trees in the woods or a city at night. These murals can make the wall become an accent wall and a main focus for the theme in the dining room.
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