5 Dinner Dating Tips

Avoid coming off as an unmannered slob on your next date by following these 5 dinner dating tips. Dinner dating can be stressful. You may spill soup, pick a restaurant your date doesn't like or make a faux pas when it comes time to pay for the dinner. Whether it is a first, second or third date, your aim should be to impress your partner while still being yourself.

  1. Ask your date what type of restaurant and cuisine she enjoys. This dinner dating tip is the most important. If you go to an Indian restaurant on your dinner date and your date doesn't like Indian cuisine, odds are she won't be up for a second date. Get a general feel for the type of food she likes to eat. Find out if she has a special diet, such as gluten-free or vegetarian diet. Another key to successful dinner dating is going to a restaurant that you know and like.
  2. Arrange to meet at the restaurant and arrive five minutes early. If you show up late for your dinner date, you'll send the wrong impression. She may even think she's been stood up and that is no way to begin a date. You can pick her up if you like, but meeting at the restaurant gives both of you a chance to duck out early if the dinner dating experience turns sour.
  3. Don't order the messy dishes. Salads with large pieces of lettuce can be tricky to eat. Pieces of leafy green vegetables can get stuck in your teeth and look unpleasant. Avoid any dish that is piled high with melted cheese, drippy sauces or any food that can fall into your lap. Order a meal that you can eat with a fork and knife easily.
  4. Go easy on the drinks. You are dinner dating, not drinking dating. Try to have no more than three drinks on your date: one before dinner, one during and a final one during dessert or if you go to another place after the meal.
  5. Offer to pay for the dinner, especially if you asked the person out on the date. A first or second dinner date is not the time to suggest splitting the tab. You may also want to skip using a coupon or gift certificate when dinner dating–it may make you look cheap. Save your buy one entree, get one free coupons for later dates or dinner with friends.
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