5 Dirty Sex Ideas

Looking for 5 dirty sex ideas? So when you think of dirty sex, what comes to your mind? Well, these five dirty sex ideas will give you some good ways to have dirty sex tonight and every night of the week if you want too. But, remember that what one person considers dirty sex other's may think of in other ways!

  1. Kinky sex. Ah, when thinking of five dirty sex ideas you have to include kinky sex. After all, really kinky sex should be in the definition of dirty sex. Bite, spank, tie up your partner and have some of the best sex in your life! Do know just what your limits are and don't cause too much pain though, unless your partner likes pain, then you might be moving more into the freaky sex ideas!
  2. Sex games. Yes, sex games can be a great way to have dirty sex. Those things they have you do range from kinky to freaky and back to dirty. There are many different games you can find out there. Pick one that sounds exciting and add it to your five dirty sex ideas.
  3. Role playing. Okay, so depending on the role you play, this can be really dirty or just fun. There are so many things that role playing can add to your sex life and they can be fabulous additions to these five dirty sex ideas. If you don't think so, why not try dressing your partner up as a nun, while you're a priest who can't stand being celibate anymore!
  4. Anal sex. So this isn't on the list of five dirty sex ideas because it's dirty but because it's fun. Having the patience to not rush in and just pound your penis home can give you a girl who is excited and having multiple orgasms.
  5. Porn night. Why not pick a few movies and watch them. Then, act out the scenes in your own way or just as they do. This adds in a bit of role playing as well as a fabulous way to use your five dirty sex ideas to liven up your sex life.

Try them all and have a lot of fun, because these five dirty sex ideas will surely add to that spice you've been looking for in life!

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