5 Dirty Sexting Examples

The best 5 dirty sexting examples are all those flirtatious and risque text messages that you will want to send someone in the hopes of scoring fast, dirty and rough. Text messaging dirty communications is the perfect thing to do since e-mail and phone calls just take too long and are way too personable. If you want to drastically raise your chances of penetrating some girls, then sext them these messages!

  1. "Slowly running my hands over your toned, naked body." This is the best dirty sexting example for a couple of reasons. Number one, notice how you are trying to make it look like you are sincerely flattering your partner (who, hopefully, is your wife whom you will stay with until death do you part) by citing her "toned" body. Number two, note how the adverb "slowly" tells your sex partner that you want to spend a lot of time on her, tricking her into thinking she's special to you.
  2. "I pull you towards me as we kiss passionately." This dirty sexting example is great on women because unlike men, they appreciate slow, laborious and time-consuming acts of passion, which is what you are communicating here. Also note the genius inclusion of the phrase "pull you towards me," which gives your woman a sense of feeling protected by your strong arms. 
  3. "I start to tease as I run my hand up your stomach." For real results and to get your woman ready to be in the mood all night long, try this dirty sexting example. This dirty sexting example takes the three spot because it informs her you are willing to waste time on foreplay, just as long as you will end up penetrating her at the end of the unnecessary foreplay session.
  4. "I then move down to kissing your neck." Another dirty sexting example to use on your sex partner, this comes in at number four on account of its focus on a woman's neck. Apparently, if you believe magazines like "Cosmo," a woman's neck is quite sensitive, and some women will maybe even get an orgasm (when they're not faking it) if you kiss their necks properly.
  5. "I tease you and then start to undo your jeans." This fifth-best dirty sexting example establishes its dirtiness based on its insinuating suggestiveness. If you are going to undo your sex partner's jeans, then it clearly does not take all that much imagination in figuring out what you intend to do to her next. This text is also great for building up all-important anticipation in your sex partner.
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