5 Dishes To Serve With Chili

If you are planning on serving something warm on a chilly night, keep in mind these 5 dishes to serve with chili. You are sure to enjoy every one of these warm treats with a nice hot bowl of chili, and all your favorite toppings. You are sure to find something that the whole family enjoys through this list of the best five dishes to serve with chili. Never scuttle around the kitchen not knowing what you will serve as a side dish again!

  1. Cornbread: This southern classic is know for going perfect with chili. With the southwestern taste, it is sure to pair up perfect with any bowl of chili. Cornbread was almost made to go alongside chili, which is why it is one of the five best dishes to serve with chili. Try out this recipe for Cracklin' Cornbread for the best of the best southern soul food cornbread.
  2. Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chips:  Get your vegetables in with this delicious hot dip that is cure to be a crowd pleaser. Enjoy with tostitos or tasted bread pieces. Either way, you are sure to be making another side of it as soon as you can!
  3. Southwestern Grilled Vegetables Salad: What's better than a seasoned grilled vegetable salad when it comes to the five dishes to serve with chili. No matter what people may think about the abundance of ingredients, you are sure to enjoy every last bite of this grilled treat!
  4. Black Bean & Corn Salad: This is known for the amazing aroma, with an even better taste. This pick of the best dishes to serve with chili,is sure to keep you pleading for more. This delicious dish is sure to please everyone.
  5. Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls: No matter who you are, this is more than likely your favorite of the five dishes to serve with chili. It is sure to be the hit of the night. Once you serve these hot treats alongside the chili, you are sure to be satisfied. Not only do you get that filling southwestern meal, but also a sweet treat that goes along perfect with the chili.



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