5 Dog Grooming Pomeranian Tips

Are you looking for 5 dog grooming Pomeranian tips? Do you want to keep your cute Pom looking fluffy and clean? The fur of Pomeranians is especially thick, with a dense, wooly undercoat that requires special grooming. To keep your Pomeranian healthy and clean, follow these dog grooming Pomeranian tips tailed especially to the breed.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Slicker brush
  • Metal combs
  • Scissors
  • Shampoo with conditioner

Here are the dog grooming Pomeranian tips:

  1. Bathing. To give your Pomeranian the puffy, cute look unique to the breed, bath her every three weeks using a shampoo and conditioner. The trick to this dog grooming Pomeranian tip is to choose a light conditioner that will impart silkiness and sheen to the coarse overcoat without weighing it down. Dry the fur with a blow dryer set on forced air or the lowest setting. This will result in the desired fur-ball look that makes Poms so adorable.
  2. Brushing. After washing your Pomeranian, enhance the sheen of his overcoat by brushing it with a slicker brush. Brush in the direction of the fur while blowing with a blow dryer set on cool or the lowest setting. You may wish to repeat this dog grooming Pomeranian tip once a week to keep the coarse overcoat shiny and smoother to the touch. To smooth out the wooly undercoat, use a metal comb twice weekly. This will prevent tangles from forming, especially on the hindquarters where the undercoat is thickest.
  3. Trimming. Because of her thick undercoat, your Pomeranian is likely to develop tangles. As you groom her, feel with your fingers for any knots or tangled fur, especially on the hindquarters or under the tail. The best dog grooming Pomeranian tip for tangles is to insert scissors into the base of the tangle with the blunt edge parallel to your Pomeranian’s skin. Work slowly, snipping along the base of the tangle, always at an angle parallel to the skin to avoid accidentally cutting your beautiful Pom.
  4. Hygiene. The wooly undercoat of your Pom is especially thick beneath his tail and around the anus. The fur can easily tangle and trap feces, leading to blockage and infection. The easiest dog grooming Pomeranian tip for trimming around your Pom’s anus is to use hair or pet clippers without attachments. First test the clipper teeth on your wrist to ensure that the machine is smooth and harmless, then holding the teeth flat against your Pom’s skin, shave away from the anus while holding the tail up.
  5. Clipping. To clip the nails of your little Pom, use small clippers and work in a well-lit area. Hold the paw with the fingers spread and push any fur off the nail before clipping. If the nail is dark and you cannot see the quick (the blood vein inside the nail), clip the nail below where it curves. If you accidentally cut too deep, simply stem the blood with a paper towel, then dab the nail with antibiotic, pain-relieving ointment. The best dog grooming Pomerian tip for trimming nails is to remember that Pom’s are little and their nails are small. A little clipping goes a long way and reduces the chance of unintended injury.

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