5 Dog Poop Disposal Tips

If you feel like your yard is one big canine landmine, you can use these 5 dog poop disposal tips to clean it up. Dog poop is not only a mess, it is also full of bacteria, and in the warmer months it can make your whole yard smell. There are many ways you can deal with your dog poop, and sometimes you may even need to use a combination of several methods.

  1. The Doggie Loo. A doggie loo is an outdoor toilet for dogs. This dog poop disposal method is a special bucket that has holes in the bottom. It is placed in the ground within a bed of stones. An enzyme is added to beak down the poop. When the bucket is full, you can just pour water into it and all of the broken down poop will just wash away.
  2. The Doggie Bag. Many dog owners carry these small bags when they are walking their dogs. You can just slip your hand in and grab the poop through the bag. Fold the bag back over the poop and tie it as quickly as you can in a knot. You can then throw the bag away when you get home.
  3. Waste Digester System. These are good for those who like the idea of high tech dog poop disposal. It is system in the ground that works a lot like a septic system.
  4. The Pooper Scooper There are many different models of pooper scoopers these days. They come as rakes, shovels, and other grabbers to pick up your dogs poop. These are good for dog poop disposal right in your own yard, but not for those who like to have their dog do their business while they are on a walk since they would be a pain to carry.
  5. Flushable Bags For those who don't want to put their dogs poop in the garbage, or have it washed away in their yards, the flushable bag is a great idea. These bags hold together when you need them to, but they dissolve easily in water so they can be flushed right down the toilet.
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