5 Double Your Dating Tips

Having trouble getting a date and need 5 double your dating tips? Dating is a tricky situation and if you don't do certain things well, your love life is going to suck in ways you would never imagine. Here are five double your dating tips that will certainly put some spring in your dating.

  1. Be upbeat and cheerful at all times. Women love men who are fun and love life. Joking is a way to release energy and to have a lighthearted conversation. If you make her laugh, she will be back for a second date.
  2. Give her a pet name. When you text or call her say something like, "doll" or "red." Find a pet name that suits her and go for it. She will know the name is just for her and it will melt her heart towards you. Women love to be called sweet names by a man they are intimate with and they will always come back wanting seconds.
  3. After the first date, call her the next morning. Call and talk for about two minutes and let her know you had a great time and would like to see her again on whatever day she chooses. If she agrees, she's hooked and will be thinking of you until the next date.
  4. Text her a TOU. This means "thinking of you." She will most likely smile from ear to ear. Don't be surprised if you get a text back saying, "Me too." Women are suckers for sensitivity.



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