5 Drinking Board Games

Here are the top 5 drinking board games. People are taking board games to a whole new level by turning them into drinking games. Most of the games are played with the rules were originally developed, but there have been some modifications to the rules to turn it into a drinking competition between players. 

  1. Monopoly Drinking Version–In the drinking variation of Monopoly, money is replaced with drinks. It is normal to round every $100 owed or received as one drink. It is also important to note that all amounts below $100 symbolize a drink. General rule: If you are owed money by a player, that person drinks the amount owed. If you owe money to another player, you are to consume the amount owed. There are additional rules that you can play by. For example, if you are to receive money from the bank for passing "Go," you can give that amount in drinks to another player. Another rule is when you land in jail, you cannot be released until you have finished your drink.
  2. Pictionary Drinking Version–Pictionary can being used as a drinking game by playing the game as normal; however, these rules have been added to make a drinking version of the original game. When you lose at an all play, each of the losers must take five drinks or a shot. When a team gets three rolls in a row, they can create a rule. Everyone drinks a social when a six is rolled and the losers at the end of the game need to drink double the remaining spaces to the finish line.
  3. Parchesi Drinking Version–The drinking version of this board game is an adaptation of the original board game. You play the game as usual, but if you get sent back or cannot move, you take a drink.
  4. Battleship Drinking Version–The object of the game has not changed in the drinking version. You still want to sink the other player’s battleships, but if you miss the other player’s ship, you must take a drink. When you hit the other player’s ship, he must drink. When a person’s ship is sunk they must drink double the amount of hits it took to sink the ship.
  5. Chess Drinking Version–This popular board game has been modified into a drinking version by changing the rules to when you lose a game piece you have to drink the following: king–two shots, queen–one shot, pawn—two drinks, other(s)–four drinks. The loser has to chug their drinks at the end of the game.

Tips & Warnings:

  • It is important to use caution when using alcoholic beverages to play these board games. Most of the time people use beer as shots rather than hard alcohol. Diluted mixed drinks are also used.
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