5 Drinking Games Without Cards

These 5 drinking games without cards can be played with beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage. As long as alcohol is involved and friends can hang out with each other and get smashed drinking games will continue to be invented. Of course all drinking games should be played responsibly. Below are the 5 drinking games without cards.

  1. Anchor Man. A pitcher of beer, a quarter and two teams with at least eight people on each team is all that is required for this drinking game without cards. The team that bounces the quarter into the pitcher picks the anchor person on the other team. The pitcher of beer is passed around to each member of the losing team and the anchor person must finish whatever is left in the pitcher.
  2. Beer Checkers. For this drinking game without cards, beer checkers requires a checker board, 24 shot glasses and two people. Each player must distinguish between their shot glasses maybe with different colors of beers or different size glasses. Fill up the shot glasses with beer and play checkers just like a regular game of checkers except for each glass that get jumped the losing player must drink the beer. At the end of the game the losing player must drink the remaining shots.
  3. Beeropoly. All that is required for this drinking game without cards is a monopoly board and two players. Money is not exchanged in this game. Instead each time money needs to be paid to the other player or to the bank, the losing player must drink beer. When the bank owes money, the other players must drink.
  4. Flip, Sip, or Strip. In this drinking game without cards all that is required are some people, a quarter and beer. The first player flips the quarter in the air while the next player call it. If the player call it correctly the coin is passed to the right. If the player calls it wrong, the coin is passed to the left. The player that calls it wrong must take off one article of clothing or drink four sips of beer. The catch is that each player cannot sip or strip more than two times in a row.
  5. BeergammonIn this drinking game without cards, all that is required is a backgammon set and two people. When one player is unable to move or a playing piece is sent to the bar that player must drink. Also each time a piece is taken by the opponent, the loser must take a drink..

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