5 Dry Sex Positions

Looking for 5 dry sex positions that you can try and still remain a virtual virgin?  First of all, if you are not familiar with the term, you may be wondering: what is dry sex?  Dry sex is when either one or even both people who are participating have some clothing on between the belly and crotch while simulating sex.  Think of it as dry humping, where no bodily fluids will be exchanged.

  1. Breast Play.  When you use this as one of the five dry sex positions you may not even need clothing involved.  Though pants can be left on the woman to make sure you don't accidentally get some sperm down in that area.  But breast are very erotic and if your woman has big breasts it will be like having your penis wrapped up nicely in flesh!  Easy enough to do just place your penis in between the breasts, it is a great location far enough away from the vagina not to worry about sperm getting inside of your girl.
  2. Butt Play.  Butt play but without the entry into any area, is a great addition to five dry sex positions.  You may want to make sure that the woman leaves on her underwear if you don't want sperm to go close to the vagina though.  Still if you have loose underwear and a woman who has a healthy big butt, you may be able to really enjoy this position.  Place the penis in between the cheeks of your girls butt and start to dry hump her. 
  3. Missionary with clothes on.  A guy should be stripped to his boxers and the girl in her panties.  You can really have a lot of fun without actually intercourse in this position that many couples will use.  If you feel safer have the girl keep a bit more on, like a skirt or even pants.  Just make sure it's not rubbing too much and will hurt the guy. Missionary position is where the guy will be on top of the guy, but keep your clothes on!
  4. Girl on top, clothes on.  Yes another position that you can use in normal sexual intercourse too.  But with clothes on the girl, and the guy in boxers this can be a great addition to the five dry sex positions that you should try out next time you're with your favorite girl.  Simply put the girl is going to be on top of the guy and ride him but have all clothes on, and it will still be a lot of fun!
  5. Oral Sex.  Hey it's not really a true dry sex position, but could be a great way for you to not have intercourse.  Of course you're going to have to really think about how much of a virgin you want to remain before your married.  Some people feel that oral sex is still sex and will not be a true way to be a virgin.

Really it's an accomplishment to those people who don't want to have sex until they are married.  With five dry sex positions you may be able to actually get the thrill of an orgasm and still be a virgin on that wedding night. 

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