5 East Coast Surfing Tips

Listed below are five East Coast surfing tips that can help people surf hot spots at the right times to have great times in the water. Although there is never a way to completely predict what will make a great surfing outing, heeding this advice will certainly assist you in surfing the East Coast. Below are the tips.

  1. First, pick the right spot. Find a spot that is not too far away from you, that is known for great waves, or plan a getaway to any top East Coast destination. When planning a trip to a top surf spot, make sure that you can bring everything that you will need for your day(s) on the water. Often, during the warmer months, certain areas are crowded, so take this into consideration when picking your surfing location, and note what you will need wherever you will be going.
  2. Next, make sure to pick the right time to go. This can be hard if you have a tight schedule, but you should try to pick a time when crowds are low. Weekdays are best, and the off season (fall, even winter, and spring) are great times to go. Going on a summer weekend will mean that a lot of people will be hanging out in the water, making it harder to safely surf. Try to pick a time that allows you to avoid the crowds.
  3. Check the weather. If you are trying to plan an East Coast surfing trip, make sure that the surf report is at least satisfactory. Winds coming off of the ocean are always great, so check weather websites for wind direction and speed.
  4. Set whole days aside, if possible, for surfing. Waves are often larger in the later afternoon than they are in the morning on the East Coast, so try to stay out all day, which will allow you to catch the best waves that the surf has to offer.
  5. Plan trips with friends. There are many top spots on the East Coast for surfing, and hitting any of them up with a friend or some surfing buddies will certainly make for a better experience.

For a great time in the water, try heeding the above five East Coast surfing tips. Each will make for a more enjoyable time, and some excellent, and memorable surfing.



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