5 East Manhattan Running Routes

Here are five East Manhattan Running Routes that any runner should put on his list. These runs can be challenging but also provide a great view of the city, and they are easy to remember. All of these runs are about five miles long, but could be extended by starting further north or south on an individual block.

  1. The Brooklyn-Manhattan Bridge Run. Start at the Spring St. 6-line subway stop and run south down Lafayette Street to the onramp for the Brooklyn Bridge. Get an amazing view and experience the great tradition of walking or running over the bridge. Once over the bridge, turn left onto Tillary St. then left again onto Flatbush Ave. This will become the Manhattan Bridge. Take the Manhattan Bridge until you reach Bowery St., make a right on Bowery, then a left on Broome St., then a left on Cleveland Pl. and you will find yourself back at the Spring St. station. This run is 5.04 miles long.
  2. The East River Run. Start at the 59th and Lexington Ave. subway stop and run east until you reach Sutton Pl. and make a left. Run north up to E 70th St. and make a right, then a left onto the S. Street Viaduct. Run north on this for as long as you please, but turning around and making a loop at E 102 St. will bring you back to Lexington Ave. after about 5.5 miles.
  3. The Central Park Run. Start at the 59th St. and Lexington Ave. subway station and run west to the entrance of Central Park, and make a right onto East Drive. Run on this all the way north until you reach the end of the park, then make a right onto 110th St. then a right onto 5th Ave. and run south back to the subway station. This run is about 6.5 miles. 
  4. The Lower East Side Run. Start at the 2nd Ave. Lower East Side subway station and run east on Houston St. Make a right at Pitt St. and then a right at East Broadway. Bear right onto Canal Street and then another right onto Bowery. Bear right onto 3rd Ave. and then make a right onto E 23rd St. Make a final right onto 2nd Ave. and arrive back at the subway station after a 5.3 mile run. 
  5. The Upper East Side Run. Start at the 86th St. subway station and run north on Lexington Ave until you reach E 124th St. and make a left. Run around Marcus Garvey Park and end up going East on W 120th St. Make a right onto Park Ave. and find yourself back at the station after 4.62 miles. This route can easily be amended for distance–just start further south along Lexington Ave.

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