5 Easy Aqua Aerobics Exercises

These 5 easy aqua aerobics exercises can help you mix up your fitness routine while enjoying some time in the pool. Aqua aerobics are great for people who dislike traditional aerobic workouts. It is also great for people with joint problems or whose knees get sore from exercise. Aqua aerobics are much easier on the body.

  1. Dolphin Kicks. One easy aqua aerobics move is called dolphin kicks or wave makers. It is great for toning the abdominals, back and legs. Hold on to the edge of the pool and extend your legs out behind you in the water. Kick your legs as hard as you can for thirty seconds then rest and let your legs float again. Try to hold your torso in place while you kick. Repeat the kick sequence five times.
  2. Leg Lifts. Tread water in the deep end of the pool. Keeping both legs straight, slowly lift one leg up in front of your body. Hold it in place for five counts and slowly lower it again. As you lower it, bring the other leg up for a five count hold. Repeat this sequence ten times. Be sure to hold your abdominals steady and legs straight for maximum benefits.
  3. Starfish. Float on your back. Stretch each leg first to the side and then up perpendicular to the water. Practice moving your arms to stay on the water while lifting your legs. This is a great aqua aerobics move to work the body's core, and to stretch and tone your legs.
  4. Water squats. Stand in the shallow end of the pool. Sit back into the water just like you are performing a squat on land. Be careful to bend straight down as if you are sitting on a chair, keeping your knees even with your toes. Repeat for three sets of five repetitions. Water squats are great for toning and strengthening your legs.
  5. Wall Float. Stand with your back against the wall of the pool and your arms stretched out along the edge of the pool. Lift your legs up so that you are floating in a sitting position, supported by your arms on the wall. Slowly lift your legs in to your chest, then extend them out straight. Keeping your core strong, twist your legs to the right and to the left. Repeat this movement continuously for one minute. You should feel this aqua aerobic move through your abdominal muscles.
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