5 Easy Basketball Tricks

Want to know five easy basketball tricks? There are several easy basketball tricks that can help out your game and make you a better player. Most of these are basic concepts that can be used to your advantage on the court. With a little practice, you will be able to perform all of these basketball tricks, some in the face of a defender.

  1. Crossover. When you know how to dribble, you are ready to switch hands, allowing you to move in any direction. This time, when you push the ball towards the ground, push it at an angle to make the ball bounce up in the opposite direction. It should bounce up near your other hand. After mastering this trick, you can be dribbling on the left side of the court, make a cut and switch the ball over to the other hand and quickly change directions.
  2. Behind the back pass. If you want to get the ball to another player on your team without any interference from the defense, you can pass the basketball behind your back. This basketball trick starts with you palming the ball. Then, push the ball around, behind your back. You can either throw the ball directly to a teammate or you can bounce the pass. Be sure to look away from the person you are throwing the ball to as you don't want the defense to get it.
  3. Spinning the ball on your finger. This basketball trick involves holding your finger, usually the pointer, up straight and having the ball spin on top. Begin by gripping the ball with two hands and spinning it towards you. Quickly move your finger under the ball and hold still. To keep the ball spinning, push towards the spin with the opposite hand. This is a tough trick that may require practice. You need to feel what it takes to balance the ball this way.
  4. The reverse lay-up. When you want to get a lay-up in without letting the defense know where you are headed, consider a reverse lay-up. Instead of going straight towards the basket, you go underneath the backboard. If you are coming under from the left side, you are going to take the ball in your right hand and hook around of a lay-up. Your back should be facing the defense, keeping him away from the ball and avoiding a block. Also, if you are able to dunk, you can reverse dunk and also throw off your opponent.
  5. Reverse dunk. If you are able to dunk the ball, you are probably ready to take on a different version of this basketball trick to add some variety. As you approach the basket, you still want to get a high jump. However, instead of moving directly towards the basket, twist your body 180 degrees so that your back is facing the basket and backboard. You are going to raise the ball above your head, press the ball into the basket and hang onto the rim with your fingers. Your palms will be facing you.
The next time you and a few friends are out on the court playing, try out some of these five easy basketball tricks.
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