5 Easy Breakdance Moves

How can we find 5 easy breakdance moves in what is no doubt the hardest genre of dance out there? Yes, the hardest genre of dance out there. The reason for the difficulty of breakdance moves is because breaking is a competitive form of dance. You're out there to out-do your opponent. Because of this, breakdancing moves become increasingly creative and more and more difficult. This is the reason that breakdancing is the most innovative, most physically creative form of dancing in existence. New and more difficult breakdance moves are constantly being created. It is also the most physically taxing form of dance. Some of the dangerous breakdance moves that B-boys pull off could land them in the hospital with one misstep. But like all forms of extreme physical activity, you have to build upon a solid foundation. You have to crawl before you walk. You have to master the easier breakdancing moves before you can try spinning on your head. Here are some of the easier breakdance moves.

  1. Knee spin. Just because it's one of the easier maneuvers doesn't mean the knee spin is "easy" per se. You still need a decent amount of balance to pull this move off, not to mention the balance to be able to link it with other moves. Well, the move is just like it sounds. You drop to the floor and spin on one knee. You'll need to practice this one for a while to get it. But it's still not as difficult as a "1990" or a "heli."
  2. Simple top rock. This is probably the easiest of the easy breakdancing moves to get down. The best way to describe it is it looks like you're sliding and running in place. It's all about the footwork and balance. The trick is to not rest on one foot too long. Just keep moving in rhythm. This maneuver is nothing more than a warm up for harder stuff, but if you do it right you look cool.
  3. Coin drop. Though this move looks really complicated, it is one of the easier ones to pull off, with a little practice. It's a combination of two moves. You start by spinning in an erect position. You then lean towards the ground and use your shoulder to slide onto the floor. Finally, you transition into an easy backspin. It's a lot easier than it sounds, but you do have to be careful not to jam your shoulder from falling to the floor too hard.
  4. Backspin. This maneuver is the little brother to the coin drop. Lying on your back, straighten one of your legs out. The other leg should be resting in the up position with your foot planted on the floor. Use the planted foot to push yourself in a circular motion. Once you get going, use the other leg like a propeller and kick off with it. Once you start spinning, pull your legs close to your chest. Use your arms to hold them in place.
  5. Freezes. These moves are used for a temporary break in the action. Basically, you're stopping the movement of your breakdancing routine, posing in random, weird positions. The weirder, the better. A lot of guys can freeze in wild positions like balancing on one hand. That particular freeze may take you a while to learn. Remember, you've got to learn the easy stuff before you can pull off the crazy techniques.
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