5 Easy Card Drinking Games

These 5 easy card drinking games are great to play no matter how many drinks you and your buddies have had. They allow for everyone to join in on the fun, and gives you all something to do before the ladies arrive at the party.

  1. Pyramid Bullsh-t. Pyramid Bullsh-t is a great card game for anyone to play. In order to set up, stack the cards in a pyramid. There are 5 rows, and the top has one card, the second row has two cards, the third row has three cards and so on. Once set up, deal 4 cards to each player playing. Everyone is allowed to look at their cards once, but after the game starts they can no longer flip and look at their cards in their hands. Start out by flipping one of the far end cards on the bottom of the pyramid. What ever the card is, the person who has that card in their stack and tell another player to drink. If the player thinks they do not have that card, they can call bullsh-t and the person who called out the order to drink has to flip over the card in question. If they don't flip over the right card, they have to drink double, if they do flip over the right card, the person who called bullsh-t has to drink double, or they can just drink a normal shot if they drink when ordered to drink. This goes through the entire pyramid.
  2. Asshole. Asshole is a great card game for a mass number of players. The object of the game is to get rid of every card in your hand. Deal cards to everyone playing till one card is left in the middle. The game is played by going around in a circle and allowing everyone the chance to lay down a card one step up or down from the card placed in the center. if it is someones turn to lay a card down, and they can not play they must drink.
  3. Hockey. Hockey is a game played with two players. Each team sits on opposites sides of a table, side by side. The game starts with the three of clubs. One team gets to start and the first player has to play a card matching what is laid in the center. If they are unable to play, then another player from the other team gets a chance and so on till each player alternates trying to lay down a card. If it gets to the end and no one can play, a fresh card is laid from the center of the stack. If someone gets to lay down a card in the center, then they get to tell a team member from the other side to drink. This is done till all cards are played.
  4. Horse Races. Horse Races is a game that requires all Aces, Kings and Queens to be taken out of the deck. Lay the Kings and Queens in a row or a straight line. The Aces are then laid out and each person picks a horse, which are the aces, and depending on which horse they chose, that is their suite. Now, the first card in the deck is turned over, and if it was a heart, then the heart horse gets to place their heart ace on the first King. Everyone else has to drink. This goes on until one horse makes it to the end of the race.
  5. Suicide. Suicide takes 6 or more players, a deck of cards and a lot to drink. Deal out the cards in the deck to everyone playing till there is no more cards left. Everyone flips over their top card, and if any players have matching suites or numbers, they must drink together. You do this till every card is flipped.
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