5 Easy But Impressive Things To Cook Over A Campfire

Cooking outdoors can be the most enjoyable part of camping for many people, and here are 5 easy but impressive things to cook over a campfire. These outdoor dinners can be prepared easily and add to the enjoyment of being with nature. The next time you decide to go camping be sure to remember these simple meals. 

  1. Kabobs are just one of many easy but impressive things to cook over a campfire. Marinate your meat and mushrooms for extra flavor and to keep them moist while cooking over the fire. Take your kabob skewer and pierce through your bite size meat, mushrooms and your favorite vegetables. Now cook your kabob over the camp fire until done.
  2. Italian Sausages with peppers are also easy and impressive to cook over a campfire. You will need a cast iron skillet for this food to cook properly. Slice your sausages and peppers thinly and add your preferred seasoning. Put the sausage and pepper mix you prepared into your cast iron skillet. Place your skillet over your campfire and cook until the sausages are done and the peppers are tender.
  3. Pizza cooked over a campfire can be one of the most delicious foods you can taste. You will need a campfire stove for this meal, but it is still one of the most easy but impressive things to cook over a campfire. Roll out some aluminum foil, oil the foil really good with extra virgin olive oil, and began to form the pizza crust. After placing out your crust you need to add your pizza sauce and preferred pizza toppings, such as cheese, sausage and peppers. Slowly place the foil and pizza on your cooking stove over the campfire to begin cooking the pizza. Now watch your pizza and look for the cheese and toppings to melt together before the crust begins to burn. An excellent trick for this is to place some foil over the pizza top to trap the heat and cook the pizza top evenly with the crust.
  4. Hot dogs cooked over a campfire is a classic outdoor food. Hot dogs are one of the most easy but impressive things to cook over a campfire. The classic campfire hot dogs can be cooked over a campfire using a handpicked stick. Once the hot dog is cooked to a brown color you can add it to your hot dog bun with all your favorite toppings.
  5. Hobo dinners cooked in a foil packet are great way to cook many dinners with a campfire. Lay out your foil and place your favorite vegetables, potatoes, meat and seasonings on top of the foil. Now you need to slice these ingredients and add some olive oil to prevent and burning from the foil. Fold the foil into a nice packet securing the food inside and place the foil packet inside the coals of the campfire. Once cooked you need to pull out your foil packet and enjoy your hobo dinner. These foil pocket dinners are also easy but impressive things to cook over a campfire.
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