5 Easy Internet Jobs

Whether you are having trouble finding work in your town, or you just fantasize about staying at home all day, these five easy internet jobs may be what you are looking for. There are a number of legitimate net-based jobs available for those who prefer to work from home. Here are five easy internet jobs to get your started:

  1. Become a human search engine. Two search engine sites, ChaCha and KGB, hire people to answer search queries. If you enjoy research and don't mind answering questions, becoming a human search engine could be an easy internet job for you.
  2. Become artificial artificial intelligence. Amazon's service Mechanical Turk is a place where people can complete tiny tasks for cash. The name references a famous hoax, where a mechanical doll completed astounding tasks. The secret was, the Mechanical Turk was not mechanical at all, but rather, was operated by a human being. Workers for Mechanical Turk, likewise, complete easy online tasks that are better done by humans than machines.
  3. Test websites for usability. There are a number of companies that help webmasters determine how well their sites work. These companies hire people to navigate the sites and complete a number of tasks to make sure that everything is in working order. Since you are surfing the web already, this easy internet job doesn't even require that you do much that is different from what you would do anyway.
  4. Do customer service. More and more companies are getting rid of their call centers and, instead, routing customer service calls to people working from home. Jobs include everything from tech support to taking someone's order for flowers or a pizza.
  5. Write for Break Studios. While you might think that the articles on Break sites like HolyTaco and MadeMan were written by staff writers in glitzy New York offices, the secret is, they're actually written by people like you. If you can put words together to make entertaining and informative sentences, perhaps a career in writing could be an easy internet job for you.
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