5 Easy Money Making Jobs

Sometimes, it's not just scam artists that need 5 easy money making jobs. Whether you're a college kid low on cash or a full-time worker who needs to supplement his/her income, these easy money making jobs will help your financial situation, if just a little. Look, money making jobs aren't exactly "thriving" right now; large companies don't want to pay you any more than they have to. Yet, with some of these money making jobs, you can play it smart and avoid minimum-wage work by being just a little creative.

  1. Become a freelance writer. While it can be tough sometimes (think "writer's block") you won't have to take the "easy" out of easy money making jobs here. Many freelance writing websites pay good money for articles up-front or through page views, with often little to no experience required to start. While some of them aren't the easiest of money making jobs, there are sites out there sure to match your writing skill level.
  2. Work for a political campaign. Contrary to popular belief, some "government" jobs do pay good. Actually, you will be working for a candidate of your choice, trying to get the word out for him/her. Pay is usually significantly above minimum wage; this is usually because many people aren't outspoken enough to get the word out for a politician. If this sounds like you, go get that easy $10/hour!
  3. "Volunteer" for studies. Many universities and research organizations are constantly looking for qualified candidates to study for various projects. Unfortunately, you won't qualify for every one of them, but they often pay very good and require minimal work! By the way, these "research studies" don't necessarily have to be medical-oriented, many are in the anthropological, psychological, and social-science realm of researching. So no pill-swallowing. Yay!
  4. Blog! Similar to writing online, you will be recording your daily thoughts, activities, and/or perspective on things. Although easy, money from blogging doesn't come in fast, but it does come without difficulty. Set up a blog, get a domain, submit your blog to search engines, and start making some supplemental cash without all the hassle of a formal job.
  5. Become an actor. No, we're not talking about money making jobs on Broadway. Instead, focus on the Internet. That's right: easy money making jobs channel their way through many web based forums. Record videos of yourself, put advertisements around them, and watch money flow in. It won't be immediate, but it will sure as hell be easy. Who knows? Maybe you will get spotted and taken to Hollywood like Bieber!

Not everyone can be a millionaire in a few years. Heck, we're not even promoting that idea. What we are saying is that there are lots of money making jobs out there that pay nice money for people willing to think outside the box. It's a game we all have to play to get money making jobs: the economy. Yet, when you make it to the top, there's nothing better.

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