5 Easy Part-Time Jobs

This list of 5 easy part-time jobs is sure to come in handy for the busy student during the hot summer days. For the hardworking family man who already has a day job, these employment opportunities might just offer that little bit of extra income that will keep the family financially afloat.To locate 5 easy part-time jobs, think outside the box and figure out which simple task a local business needs done but won’t have full-time staff allocated to accomplish.

  1. Work as an usher. Event centers, sporting arenas, concert venues and movie theaters hire part-time workers to act as official representatives of the venue, provide a modicum of security, be the go-to point for questions or simply help attendees find their seats.
  2. Take a seasonal retail position. The list of 5 easy part-time jobs continues with the seasonal sales field. Christmas is of course the main event, but there is plenty of need for trained help starting just before Thanksgiving and continuing on after the New Year.
  3. Choose phone work as an appointment setter. Home improvement companies, roofers and satellite TV installers use call centers to drum up business and set up appointments for sales call, product demonstrations and estimates. The job takes place at a desk and is easy on the feet.
  4. Inquire at the ski lodge, fishing hole or recreational district. For the outdoorsy man looking for one of the 5 easy part-time jobs to gel with his personality, this one makes the most sense. Maintain a favorite recreational gem, provide some guest services and spend the day in the great outdoors. Examples of positions include ski lift operators, fishing license checkers and facility safety help.
  5. Roll up your sleeves and work as a dishwasher. Restaurants and hotel kitchens always need another pair of hands to do away with the endless mountain of dishes.

If these 5 easy part-time jobs still do not meet your needs, consider the special talents or hobbies you have. Who knows, perhaps one of them lends itself to be turned into a part-time home business?

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