5 Easy Sex Positions For The Shower

These 5 easy sex positions for the shower can make getting clean your favorite thing to do. If you have tried sex just about everywhere you could possibly have it, try the shower. Rest assured, the shower can be seriously dangerous, but with a bit of strength and the aide of some good non-skid pads in the bottom of the shower, you'll be fine. These are just a couple of positions you can do to make that time in the shower amazing and something you are sure to add to your sex routine. 

  1. The fire hydrant is a position that allows for you to bring her closer to you. Enter her by lifting one of her legs up and holding it close to your body. Depending on how tall your partner is, you might have to bend your knees a little to obtain this stance. With this move you will end up looking her deeply in her eyes.
  2. Staring at tiles is similar to doggy style, but the woman is bent over from the waist and her hands pressing up against the floor for balance. Be careful to not go as fast while doing this position; it might hurt her. The best thing about this position is the penetration that comes from this position. 
  3. The wraparound involves some strength on the mans part. Lift your partner up and make sure she places her legs around your waists. Hopefully you have a shower that is built to allow you to place her up against the wall. Let the water run over the top of the two of you and be sure to support her from falling down.
  4. Cracks in the ceiling is basically having sex on the bottom of the shower. The water running down on the two of you will help to intensify the sexual moment. 
  5. Turn to stare is a position that allows her to take control of the situation. In this position, she will straddle you and ride you with the water of the shower pouring down and hitting the both of you. 

These are five good positions to do in the shower that will help enhance your sexual expression for your partner. These positions heighten the feeling of arousal and how they interact with you. The best thing about these positions is you can always expand on them, so have fun having sex in the shower and be sure to have a good non-slip pad in place. 

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