5 Easy Shots To Take

Going out on the town, here are 5 easy shots to take to insure that you have a good time. Don’t take them all at once or you will be taking the five shots all over again, the wrong way. Be sure to have a D.D. with you, because these shots are going to knock your socks off.

  1. Any Jell-O shot will be an easy shot to take. It’s flavorful and won’t settle too hard on your stomach. The Jell-O in this drink will make you forget that you’re even drinking! It might seem like a girly shot, but it still packs the liquor punch. Remember that it takes your liver a little longer to metabolize the Jell-O and liquor. You may not feel the effects as fast as you usually would, take them slower than you would regular shots.
  2. November Rain is fruit punch with Bacardi and Jack Daniels. Out of the easy shots to take, this one has to be the tastiest of them all. Usually the Jack would make a novice drinker go crying, but mixed with fruit punch and it is almost too delicious to have only once.
  3. Hypnotic is vodka with Red Bull mixed together and packs a powerful buzz. The Red Bull makes it so that the vodka goes down without you even knowing it. If you’re usually a down drunk this may not be the drink for you to order. Hypnotic makes for a very hyper drunk and should be taken at clubs on the dance floor.
  4. Jagermeister goes down smooth when it is chilled. You can drink this as a shot for sure and keep doing it all night long. Be careful, Jagermeister has a high alcohol rating. Be sure to enjoy the Jagermeister responsibly it can be a very easy shot to take and can lead to some rough mornings.
  5. Patron is powerful tequila and is probably the only tequila that is an easy shot to take. Take this shot with salt and a lime to enhance the flavor. This is probably the most smooth tequila brand out there with a higher level of clarity than other tequilas. A higher clarity tequila will reduce the chance of having a bad hang over in the morning.

If you’re not a whiskey drinker, it is okay, Most of the world isn’t either. That’s why there are so many other liquors to try. You don’t have to shoot strong bitter drinks to have a good time. Take the shots that you now know about and ask your friendly bartender what other easy shots she has for you. She will be happy to give you a long list of drinks to enjoy.

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