5 Easy Sitting Sex Positions

If you're looking to add a little spice to your life, consider trying some of these 5 easy sitting sex positions. Whether you're looking for a new position to spark your sex life, trying to reach the ultimate orgasm or if you're looking for some easy, effortless positions, you and your partner are bound to love mixing it up a bit. 

  1. The Cliff Hanger. This is an easy sex position, and it makes it easier for some women to attain orgasm. To get into the Cliff Hanger, the male sits on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, about shoulder-width apart. The woman sits on his lap, with her feet curled around his torso and rests her legs on the bed behind him. They then hold hands as the woman leans back, supported by their grasp and the man's legs, and she controls the rate and angle of penetration.
  2. Basic Chair Maneuver This easy sitting sex position is a classic take on the "cowgirl" but is performed in a chair. In the Basic Chair Maneuver, the man sits in a chair with no arms, such as a kitchen chair. The woman sits on top of the man's penis with her feet on the floor. From there she controls the rate and intensity of the thrusts, and the man enjoys a view of her breasts near his face. 
  3. Reverse Chair Maneuver. The exchange of power in thrusting makes this one of the easy sitting sex positions that can be mixed up to please both partners. Similar to the Basic Chair Maneuver, the man sits in a chair and the woman in his lap. This time, however, she faces away from him and leans forward a bit to facilitate penetration. From here the woman can control penetration, and the man can help to improve his pleasure by angling her hips and pulling them down to speed penetration for his pleasure.
  4. The Lotus. Not only is The Lotus an easy sitting sex position, it is very intimate and close. In this position, the man sits on the bed or on the floor with his legs slightly crossed in a loose Indian-style position. The woman sits between his legs and wraps hers around his back. Together the couple will move back and forth, slowly penetrating while being able to kiss and stroke each other's bodies.
  5. The Squat. This is one of the easy sitting sex positions that allow deep penetration. In The Squat, the man sits in a wide chair or on the edge of a bed. The woman sits on his lap, facilitating penetration. She brings her feet to either side of his body, and squats to move her vagina up and down the shaft of his penis. While the woman controls the speed and depth of each thrust, the man can also move his pelvis upwards to meet her thrusts.


  • Many of these sex positions allow for rubbing the clitoris during sex, and for the ability of the man to stimulate the woman's anus from behind. These easy sitting sex positions can be helpful for a woman that has problems reaching orgasm during sex, or to prolong the sex act for the male.
  • Make sure your seating surface is structurally sound. A wobbly chair is not a good choice for vigorous sex. Instead, use an easy chair or the edge of the bed.
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