5 Easy Step Aerobic Exercises

You realize it’s time to couple a good healthy diet with exercise and what a better way than to learn 5 easy step aerobics exercises. For those unfamiliar with aerobics it’s a fast-paced exercise usually led by an aerobics instructor at a gym. There are aerobics exercise DVDs you can try or programs on television to workout along to. Aerobics is usually accompanied by techno music, jazz music or dance music.


  1. Grapevine. This is the most basic move and the easiest of the five step aerobics exercises. Take your right foot and step to the right. Bring your left foot behind and then take your right foot take another step to the right. Tap your left foot together with your right foot. Viola!
  2. Step Touch. This movement is the same as the Grapevine but without crisscrossing the feet. Step to the right with your right foot; bring your left foot and touch. Reverse. Take your left foot, step to the left and bring your right foot over and touch. It’s more a standing in place movement.
  3. Hamstring curl. This five easy step aerobics exercise requires a little balance. Step to the right and bring your left leg behind you and touch your heel to your buttocks. Place your left foot down and then bring your right boot behind you and touch your heel to your buttocks. Repeat.
  4. Repeaters. This duplicates the move with the hamstring curl but instead of placing your leg behind you, you bring your knees up to your waist. To do this 5 easy step aerobes exercise step to the right and bring your left knee forward up to your waist. Lower your left leg and now bring your right knee forward to your waist. Repeat.
  5. Mambo. Very easy breezy five step aerobics exercise anyone can do at home or at the park. Place your right foot forward, followed by your left foot. Both should be together. Now take a step back with your right food and then bring your left foot together with the right. Repeat but next time lead with the left foot. Alternate and enjoy these easy aerobic exercises that even your grandmother could do along with you.



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