5 Easy Summer Jobs

The list of 5 easy summer jobs does not include backbreaking work like mowing lawns or washing dishes in a restaurant. There are several ways to make money over the summer that require a lot less work. Before the spring is over, learn the five easy summer jobs you can get to make yourself some extra spending cash.

  1. Amusement park ride attendant. In most cases, when you take a job as an amusement park ride attendant you also get discounted admission to the park on your day off. The job consists of giving the safety speech before each ride, making sure the customers are strapped in and then pressing a button. The only strenuous part is the clean-up at the end of the day. But if you get the day shift then you don't even have to worry about clean up.
  2. Lifeguard at a community swimming pool. To get this job you need to get certified as a lifeguard in most states. But once you get certified all you have to do is sit in the sun and watch people swimming in a pool. On occasion you may be called upon to save a life, but that gives you a sense of satisfaction and something to talk about all winter.
  3. Retail store clerk. Getting this job can be tricky because most stores are looking for warehouse help and people to stock shelves. But if you can get a summer job as a retail store clerk then it is just hours of standing at a cash register and taking people's money all day. Other easy jobs similar to this are a clerk at a movie theater, a clerk at a golf driving range and a clerk at a mall information desk. When summer arrives, these sorts of companies are always looking for extra seasonal help.
  4. Dog walker. Since you are home for the summer, you can make dog owners in your neighborhood happy by walking their dogs for a fee. You can walk one dog at a time, or you can walk several dogs at once. Since you are charging by the dog, it doesn't matter how you do it.
  5. Mobile car wash business. Walk around to your neighbors that do not have children and ask them if they would like you to wash their car. They supply the hose, water supply and soap. You just bring a bucket and a sponge. You want the customer to provide the soap because some people are particular about that with their cars. Once a week you walk around and wash a bunch of cars in peoples' driveways for extra summer cash.
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