5 Easy Swim Team Workouts

These 5 easy swim team workouts can give the swimmers the exercise they need without the fatigue that often follows a practice session. Often, competitive swimmers are pushed to their limits during practice in preparation for competition day. Hundreds of trips up and down the pool, running, weight lifting and other forms of exercise are included for preparation during a normal practice day. Sometimes however, the team needs a break and an easy workout. Use these suggestions for such times.

  1. Water tag. One easy swim team workout is a fun game of tag. Put the team in the water and name someone as "it." Play the game the traditional way with the first person tagged becoming "it." This game will give the team a workout while swimming away from "it," but it gives a relaxing atmosphere, taking down the stress level and making it easier on the swimmers.
  2. Kick board races. For an easy swim team workout break out the kick boards and have simple races back and forth across the short end of the pool. The quick trips back and forth will be fun and easy for competitive swimmers. Be sure to take out the lane barriers prior to the event.
  3. Dolphin tricks. The lane barriers can make for an easy swim team workout. Line up the team across the length of the pool and let them jump in. The swimmers go across the pool, jumping over the barriers like a dolphin. The fun activity will give them a workout without creating stress or fatigue.
  4. Fetch. Another easy swim team workout involves a beach ball. Have the team line up around the edges of the pool in the water. Throw the beach ball into the pool and yell "fetch." Each member tries to get the beach ball first and swim it back to the edge.
  5. "Not My Stroke." Most competitive swimmers have a specialty stroke. For an easy swim team workout, let the swimmers practice other strokes up and down the pool. Turn off the stop watch and just let them swim.
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