5 Easy Things To Cook On A Fire

Everybody needs to know five easy things to cook on a fire. Yes, you camping aficionados and you barbecuing warriors, the easiest things to cook on a fire are pretty much just different types of meat. It's just a matter of throwing the meat on the grill, or holding it over a flame, or what have you. In a matter of minutes you can have your meat of choice cooked to perfection. Cooking on a fire is something we've done since the beginning of time. But, we've made some great, yet easy advancements in prepping the meat for varied flavors. Here are some easy things to cook on a fire.

  1. Alcohol flavored chicken breasts. This is definitely one of the easiest things to cook over an open flame. All you have to do is choose the alcohol of your choice. Marinate your chicken in the alcohol for 30 minutes to an hour. Sprinkle some seasoning of your choice on the meat. Then, throw it on the flame. Turn the chicken as needed until theres no pink meat left. It's better if you continually rotate the chicken over the flame to ensure that you don't burn the outside too much while waiting for the inside to cook thoroughly. Stay away from vodkas. Whiskies work well. Certain beers have a very nice flavor too.
  2. Barbecue burgers. You can either make the patties yourself with ground chuck, or grab the pre-made patties. It really doesn't matter. The most important aspect to these burgers is the sauce you use on them. This is a very easy thing to cook on a fire as well. All you need to do is sit the patties in the barbecue sauce of your choice, similar to the alcohol chicken. Let the meat soak up the flavor of the sauce. Then you throw them on the grill. Flip them similar to how you'd rotate the chicken breasts.
  3.  The easiest of them all. Hot dogs. It's almost expected that you'll have these babies lying around when the grill warmed up. There's no added preparation needed. There's no secret ingredients. It's a simple hot dog. They taste good burnt for Pete's sake.
  4. Chicken Wings. Cooking these things is slightly different than, say chicken breasts. But they're still really easy things to cook on a fire. The trick to these babies is to cook the bone side last. Start out with the meatier side of the wing on the grill. Once you've given them adequate time to cook in this position, just flip them over. The bone side cooks in minutes. The best part is, you can marinate these puppies in the sauce and or alcohol of your choosing.
  5. Ribs. The best of the best. All barbecue specialists will agree. You can marinate these things in almost anything. They're easier to cook on a fire and they cook fast. Cook them on the meaty side first. Then flip them over to darken the bonier side.
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