5 Easy Tortilla Appetizers

Tortillas can be used to make any sort of dish. They are versatile, flexible and can also come in different flavors like sun dried tomato and spinach. Sometimes, it's hard to think about what to prepare for a party. Here are five easy ideas for tortilla appetizers. 

  1. Quesadillas. These are easy and fast to make and usually contain chicken and cheese. It uses two tortillas with the cheese and chicken in the middle. Heat the quesadilla to melt the cheese and make the chicken warm. You can add salsa or sour cream as a dip. 
  2. Taquitos. Another fun and easy recipe stuffed with meat, cheese or beans then rolled up and baked is the taquitos. 
  3. Pinwheels. All you need to do is place cold cuts or any other ingredient you wish and roll the tortilla. Next, slice the tortilla to make mini spiral sandwiches. These have become a huge hit at parties and disappear fast!
  4. Chips. You can easily make the tortilla into a homemade chip, simply slice and bake at a desired temp. Everyone loves homemade chips. 
  5. Nachos. A no brainer really. Everyone loves nachos, and it is the perfect appetizer. Everyone knows how to make nachos. All you need is tortilla chips, cheese and all the toppings that you desire to add to it. Most people add beans, jalapenos, olives, cheese and sour cream. Add salsa and guacamole for a delicious dip.  

Tortillas is a great food to use when having a party. Everyone will love the appetizers you made to make your party a hit. 

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