5 Easy Water Polo Drills

Many new water polo players and enthusiasts should know 5 easy water polo drills. These water polo drills will, if done correctly, regularly and for an extended period of time, will allow you to play this great sport almost as well or just as well as your favorite player. The recommendation is 4 days a week for 30 minutes a drill, to assure you work on everything equally and excel in all parts of your game.

  1. The first water polo exercise drill will increase your endurance. All this involves is swimming. Yep, swimming is one of the easiest drills to improve your endurance, and it will also get you used to being in water and maneuvering in water. Make sure to keep an even pace and start out with a trial run to see how many laps you can do in say, 5 minutes, and from this, create a goal.
  2. The next simple water polo drill is running laps. This will increase your cardio and endurance, but is also a great way to improve your leg strength. Try to run as many laps, once again, as you can in five minutes and make a goal from this number. If you want to help increase your leg strength even more, wear some ankle weights for creating pull on your legs so they work hard when running.
  3. A breathing exercise will help increase your lung capacity. Do this by simply taking in a deep breath and holding it in as long as possible. Be sure when you exhale to release all of your air so you can get entirely new air on the next inhalation to make yourself a more efficient breather.
  4. Go outside and throw a baseball. This will increase your throwing arm strength and also increase your accuracy so you can get the polo ball to the target. As you get better at this, widen the gap between you and the other person.
  5. Race with your friends in the pool. This is similar to number one, and they coincide perfectly, but racing allows a competitive edge to your exercises and makes you want to do better!



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