5 Easy Weight Watchers Recipes

The Weight Watchers plan is a proven way to lose weight and is quite easy to follow, especially if you have your arsenal of 5 easy Weight Watchers recipes to fall back on. Based on the points system, where every food is assigned a point value, these Weight Watchers recipes all have a low point value (at or under 6 points), so they can easily be worked into anyone's Weight Watcher plan.

To make the Weight Watchers three point stir fried vegetables, you will need:

  • One tsp olive oil
  • One tsp sesame oil
  • One each zucchini and yellow squash
  • One-half onion
  • One tsp soy sauce
  1. Prepare your vegetables for stir fry by slicing the zucchini and yellow squash into thin strips. Dice the onion.
  2. Heat the oils in a non stick pan until hot and toss in the onion first. Stir fry for about three minutes, until translucent.
  3. Add the squash and soy sauce and stir fry another three minutes until squash is soft.

To make Weight Watchers two point black bean brownies, you will need:

  • One can of black beans
  • One prepared brownie mix
  • One 8×8 inch pan
  1. Puree beans, juice and all and mix into brownie mix. Stir just until moistened. Don't add anything else. That's it!
  2. Pour into pan and cook according to package directions. Slice into two inch squares.

To make a Weight Watchers five point stuffed baked potato, you will need:

  • One 5" potato
  • One piece crisp bacon
  • Three tablespoons light sour cream
  • One teaspoon butter
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Microwave the potato for four minutes or until soft in the middle. Split open and mash the contents lightly.
  2. Mix in the sour cream and butter.
  3. Crumble the bacon on the top and add salt and pepper to taste.

To make a Weight Watchers five point chicken sandwich, you will need:

  • Three ounces roasted chicken breast
  • One Pepperidge Farm sandwich round
  • Two teaspoons mayonnaise
  • One-half cup arugula
  • One-half sliced tomato
  • One slice onion
  1. Place chicken on one half of the sandwich round. Add mayonnaise to the other side.
  2. Top chicken with arugula, tomato and onion. Top with the other side and enjoy!

To make a Weight Watchers four point bacon wrap, you will need:

  • Two pieces leaf lettuce
  • Two pieces crisp bacon
  • One teaspoon mayonnaise
  • One slice tomato
  • One quarter medium avocado, mashed
  1. Spread mashed avocado on one piece of lettuce. Spread mayonnaise on the other piece.
  2. Add bacon and tomato to one lettuce leaf and top with the other left. Roll together, pick up and go for it!
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