5 Easy Winter Melon Recipes

Anyone interested in enjoying this refreshing vegetable can start with these 5 easy winter melon recipes. Winter melon is not sweet, but instead has a taste that is reminiscent of cucumber. It is low in calories and is considered a cooling food in macrobiotic diets. You can find winter melon at most Asian grocery stores, and at some produce stands and supermarkets.

Some items you may need to prepare winter melon:

  • a winter melon
  • a wok for stir frying
  • a deep, heavy pot for stewing or soups
  • good, sharp knives for cutting
  • additional ingredients and seasonings as called-for in each recipe

Among the easiest ways to prepare winter melon:

  1. Make winter melon soup. The simplest soups consist of only flavorful broth, garlic and other seasonings, and cubed winter melon. The melon is cooked in the broth until tender, then served. Try adding ham, Chinese dates or goji berries for a more elaborate soup.
  2. Stewed winter melon makes an piquant and unusual side dish. Simply stew the cubed winter melon with garlic, ginger and soy sauce until tender, then serve. It makes a delicious accompaniment to chicken or pork.
  3. Winter Melon Stir Fry. Peel and slice, then stir fry quickly in oil with aromatics like onion and garlic. Make sure you cook only until tender. Try topping with your favorite stir fry sauce and serve with rice.
  4. Steamed Winter Melon. Put winter melon in a steamer along with a teaspoon of goji berries and some diced ham, then steam over water. Toss with some sesame oil and serve.
  5. Winter melon ramen would shock any true gourmet. However, adding some cubed winter melon to the broth when cooking ramen noodles results in a passable meal that is more substantial than eating ramen noodles alone. You won't find a more easy winter melon recipe.
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