5 Elements Of A Healthy Romantic Relationship

These 5 elements of a healthy romantic relationship don’t always happen naturally. For most people, developing a strong and dynamic connection requires hard work and cooperation from both sides. The following are some key features you are likely to see in a couple with a healthy romantic relationship.

  1. Good communication. Communication is something that a couple in a healthy romantic relationship will always be improving. Couples with good communication can discuss difficult topics without one or both blowing up. The partners speak to each other kindly. They listen to each other. And they recognize when it’s necessary to put a heated conversation on hold and return to it when they have both calmed down. 
  2. Respect. Respect is the core of a healthy romantic relationship. It’s indicated in the way partners speak to one another, and also how they speak about one another. A guy who is in a healthy and happy relationship will never bad-mouth or make fun of his girlfriend around his friends.
  3. Reciprocity. Part of having a good relationship is the give and take that comes with any partnership. Couples who have a healthy relationship know how to compromise and to sometimes let the other person win. A key part of this is unselfishness; these individuals want their partners to be happy.
  4. Realistic expectations. In a healthy romantic relationship, both individuals understand that they are each imperfect human beings, and that things will not always go splendidly. People who are part of a healthy couple not only have realistic expectations; they also make their expectations known to their partners. A girl who is in one of these relationships doesn’t expect her boyfriend to read her mind.
  5. Intimacy. For those in a healthy romantic relationship, intimacy does not just mean sex. For these couples, being intimate means being comfortable with one another and feeling safe enough to share who they really are.
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