5 English Sex Moves

If you want to reignite your sex life, you really need these 5 English sex moves. You won't find any tantric twisting or mystic conferences in these English sex moves—just pure, unadulterated lovemaking. With these English sex moves, you and your partner can start appreciating each other's bodies in the most primal and uncomplicated manner possible.

  1. The Wall Hanger This is an English sex move that requires a bit of upper body strength on your part. You grab your partner, lift her up and pin her against a wall. From here, you enter her while she rests her hips on top of yours. You might get tired pretty quickly from holding her up too long, but trust us, it'll be a good ride while it lasts!
  2. The Frog This English sex move is aptly named for the position your lady will be set in during your session. You get on your knees, while she squats in front of you and let's you enter her from behind. If her legs get too tired from holding this position, grab an ottoman or a chair that she can rest herself on, while you elevate yourself slightly to balance things out.
  3. Full Support Both of you stand up, where she stands in front of you while facing away. You enter her from behind and she hangs limply forward, letting you grab her arms behind her back, supporting her entire weight. This English sex move is great because it gives you total control and is kinky yet safe enough for everyone to try!
  4. The Bronco This English sex move is simple enough for beginners to try out, but gives A-class thrills! Simply lay on your back and let your partner enter you from the top. Grip her hips as hard as you can while she rocks and rides her way to an explosive orgasm. This position is great because it really shows your partner you care more about her orgasm than you do your own.
  5. The Super Heroine This is another great English sex move that requires a lot of upper body strength on your part. Have your partner lie on the edge of the bed, flat on her stomach. You come from behind her, hoist her waist up and thrust into her while holding her lower half above the bed and floor. It might seem a little tricky at first, but this is definitely one of those English sex moves that gets better with practice!

As with anything else, if you're planning on trying out these English sex moves, please do so responsibly. Nothing ruins great sex like an STD or STI, so always use protection.

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